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Civil Litigation Search
A Civil Litigation Search identifies non-criminal lawsuits by or against an individual or an organization (the subject may be either the plaintiff or defendant). A civil record is a non-criminal dispute (suit) filed between two parties and may include matters such as: civil rights violations, product liability suits, judgments for non-payment of goods, contract disputes, property disputes, etc. The search may also include litigation related to marriage, divorce and child custody. The search is conducted directly at the county courts and is not available statewide. Civil Litigation Searches are highly recommended to assess an individual or company's character. Results may be used in establishing relationships as potential business partners, contractors, outsource affiliates, etc.

Sample Report

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A standard time frame of 10 years is used for each search performed. However record retention may vary by state/ jurisdiction.

Results May Include:

Results are limited to case number, name of defendant, nature of complaint/ filing, jurisdiction, filing date, judgment, and disposition - if case is closed.
Average Turnaround: 24 - 48 Hours

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